Attention everyone:

These rules are subject to change. Only admins may edit this page.

User guidelinesEdit

  • Do what an admin tells you. Do NOT ever disregard anything an admin says.
  • Follow common sense.
  • Do not create pages for nonexistant AvaWorld features.

Admin guidelinesEdit

This section is to be done by 52 Dark Cow, a.k.a Ducks.

Forum guidelinesEdit

  • Be respectful of fellow users. This is vital because if you start needless flame wars over a simple idea over in S&I (e.g. one user likes the idea, but you don't), or anything else that is disrespectful, you will eventually find yourself banned.
  • Have common sense.

User Page guidelinesEdit

  • Have a significant role on AvaWorld.
  • Have 50+ forum posts.
  • Be an admin on AvaWorld.
  • Already have had a page.
  • Be an editor here with permission from either 52 Dark Cow or Orangeblinky to make your page.


If you do not follow the rules, you will soon find yourself with one of these bans:

  • Reminder: A message is left on your talk page asking you to not do what you did again.
  • Warning: Another message is left, this time in bold so you'll notice it.
  • 1-Day Block: You're blocked for a day.
  • 3-Day Block: You're blocked for three days.
  • 7-Day Block: You're blocked for a week.
  • 14-Day Block: You're blocked for two weeks. Breaking a more severe rule may skip the one-month block and get you banned.
  • 30-Day Block: You're blocked for a month. Breaking any more rules after this will get you banned.
  • Ban: Your account is banned from the website.
  • Item Ban: This ban occurs if you make something inappropriate. On first item ban, the inappropriate item will be removed. On second item ban, all of your items, including forum posts and blog posts, will be removed.
  • IP Ban: Your IP is banned from our website.

Note that a ban may be skipped if you break a more severe rule. Online dating and spamming will get you sent straight to a ban.