The AvaWorld Store was released on 1/11/14. At first, only 2 items were released, the Red Shirt and Ban Hammer.

The First ItemsEdit

The Red Shirt only cost $50 and had an unlimited amount in stock. It was uploaded by Isaac, and it was a shirt that you may have seen on Social-Paradise, one of Isaac's older projects. This shirt has no description. When you click the buy item button, you'll be sent to the Character page to design your character.

The second item was a Ban Hammer, which is only avaliable for administrators. It says that there is 0/10 in stock, but not a single one was ever sold. If you click the 'Buy item' button, you'll get a message saying "You must be an administrator to purchase this item.". The price of the hammer is $1337. The description says "This is the ban hammer, available for administrators only.". You may have seen this item from some of Brennan's sites, like MibZi, Galactic World, or Social Heaps.


As of 1/12/14, there is an 'Item Rating' feature being developed on /Store/ViewItem.aspx. Right under the part where it says 'Item Rating', there is some text saying "This feature is under construction.


If you were to take out the ID part of /Store/ViewItem.aspx (Ex. /Store/ViewItem.aspx?ID=1) and visit the page, you'd see some words saying "Missing parameter ID". This is because you're not supposed to be visiting that page, and you're supposed to have an ID in it. The same thing happens if you try to go to /Store/ViewItem.aspx?ID=0.

If you try to visit an ID where no item currently exists, or if you tried to visit the page of a deleted item, you'd get an error saying "This item does not exist.".