Giftboxes are special items awarded to players with a certain ID. 


The giftbox page.

What's InsideEdit

  • Possibility #1: Free Money
  • Possibility #2: Custom Store Item Voucher
  • Possibility #3: 31-days Silver V.I.P Voucher
  • Possibility #4: Indefinate Platinum V.I.P Voucher
  • Possibility #5: Admin Recommendation Voucher
  • Possibility #6: Gift Reset Voucher
  • Possibility #7: 31-days Platinum V.I.P
  • Possibility #8: 31-days Gold V.I.P


  • Vouchers recieved from the giftbox cannot be redeemed yet.
  • Gifts can be opened once every 24 hours.
  • Since giftbox items cannot be redeemed yet, players who earned VIP cannot use it.



The dialog that displays if you have an ID of over 50.


Caption displayed when you attempt to redeem a gift twice within 24 hours. Despite the dialog, you can't redeem a gift more than once.


The Vouchers page.

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