AvaWorld was a socialization site and game, also known as Social Avatar Network Site (SANS). It was created after Social-Paradise was shut-down, but due to something that is unclear he didn't work with it. Thus, he gave the site code to Brennan which used to code to code MibZi and with his own knowledge of coding. After a couple of weeks, Isaac began to grow interest again and talked to Brennan and eventually they decided to merge the sites and in January 4 AvaWorld was created. In January 5 the registration system came out and you could officialy create a user. Though, after about a lot of user were created, due to a system error they had to reset the registration system and all the users were deleted. Though it came back up about 1-60 minutes later. It is currently under heavy development. 



Roblox is a kids game. It has roughly under 3 billion users and is an online socialization website where you can make your own game. It is considered a competitor of AvaWorld.

Shutdown Edit

AvaWorld was eventually shut down for unknown reasons. However, The site was just recently revived after a long period of time. It can be found at the old AvaWorld URL.